RIMOWA Celebrates Summertime Freshness with Mint and Papaya

After making its debut in Seoul last month, RIMOWA's latest colours—Mint and Papaya—are now available worldwide
Published: 2 May 2024
Junkyu of Treasure.
Baekhyun and Xiumin of EXO.
Mile Phakphum.
Wonwoo and S. Coups of Seventeen.
Haruto of Treasure.
Lewis Hamilton and Rosé.

There was absolutely no stopping the fans in Seoul, South Korea last month from capturing a glimpse of their Korean idols at RIMOWA's official debut of its new seasonal colours—Mint and Papaya. It may have been raining in the morning of the event, but fans were already forming behind a barricade; a number of astute individuals had even placed placards with their information the evening before as a way of securing a spot.

RIMOWA's list of invited celebrity guests had everything to do with the congregation of fans. It was a diverse range with third-generation K-pop idols Baekhyun and Xiumin of EXO, Rowoon (formerly of SF9), and Seventeen's S.Coups and Wonwoo, fourth-generation group Treasure's Haruto and Junkyu, Thai actor Mile Phakphum, Lewis Hamilton, and Rosé. It was also the first time that RIMOWA global ambassadors Hamilton and Rosé were brought together for the same event.

The organised chaos outside and inside—as journalists and editors scrambled for content and soundbites—the venue was a reflection of the spirited Mint and Papaya colours. Fresh and inviting, the colours were inspired by the vibrant charm of tropical destinations. Mint, a pastel shade of green, draws inspiration from the hues of buildings typical in tropical cities (a RIMOWA staff also painted a scenography of eating mint ice cream while strolling along the beach). Papaya, on the other hand, is a shade of orange reminiscent of the fruit that it's named after as well as the hue of a beachside sunset.

The duo of colours are predominantly available in RIMOWA's Essential series albeit in different combinations. Mint is available in Cabin, Check-In L and Trunk Plus sizes, while Papaya colours the Cabin, Check-In M and Trunk Plus sizes. Save for the wheels and telescopic handle on each suitcase, both colours appear on every facet for a seamless appearance. A trio of packing cubes are also offered in both colours, as well as a sticker set and luggage charms.

For those who prefer hints of the latest colours, Mint and Papaya are now part of the customisable RIMOWA UNIQUE experience. Wheels, handles, and tags in Mint and Papaya can be fitted onto RIMOWA's Classic suitcases in whatever permutation one sees fit.

But with RIMOWA increasingly becoming more than just a luxury travel accessory brand, Mint brings fresh interpretations of its more lifestyle offerings. The emblematic RIMOWA Personal crossbody bag is updated with a White Gloss polycarbonate body trimmed with Mint-coloured webbing strap as well as a Mint leather interior. The Signature range—newly introduced in November last year—adopts Mint as a Flap Backpack in a large size, and its roomy Duffle bag, with both designed to easily integrate with any RIMOWA suitcase.

Essential Cabin in Mint, RIMOWA.
Essential Check-In L in Mint, RIMOWA.
Essential Trunk Plus in Mint, RIMOWA.
Essential Cabin in Papaya, RIMOWA.
Essential Check-In M in Papaya, RIMOWA.
Essential Trunk Plus in Papaya, RIMOWA.
Packing Cubes in Mint, RIMOWA.
Packing Cubes in Papaya, RIMOWA.
Classic with Papaya handles and wheels, RIMOWA.
Classic with Mint handles and wheels, RIMOWA.
Summer Sticker Set, RIMOWA.
Summer Sunset and Summer Cocktail Luggage Charms, RIMOWA.
Signature Flap Backpack Large in Mint, RIMOWA.
Signature Duffle in Mint, RIMOWA.
Personal Polycarbonate Cross-Body Bag in Mint, RIMOWA.

So the question now is: Mint or Papaya? It's not an easy pick. Whichever you end up choosing, RIMOWA's lifetime warranty on all its suitcases (only for those purchased after 25 July 2022) guarantees that there's hardly a wrong choice.

The new RIMOWA seasonal colours Mint and Papaya are now available in boutiques.

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