A Navy Double-Breasted Jacket Will Take You Everywhere

The secret to no-sweat summer style? A versatile DB that's cool as can be—literally and figuratively.
Published: 11 July 2023

As the cape is to the superhero, the navy double-breasted blazer is to the man. Put it on and, boom, you’re transformed. But instead of flight, your superpower is to fit in anywhere and stand out as the best-dressed guy. Wear it to impress your partner’s parents, score an upgrade, attend any and every party. You will never feel over- or underdressed. The double-breasted blazer is the low-effort, high-reward piece that your summer wardrobe simply should not go without.

Hold on. Summer? Damn right. If you get the proper jacket—easy, breezy, and lighter than air—you can wear it when the sun’s high and the mercury is even higher. Enter Canali’s Kei collection, which is all about stripping tailoring down to the absolute essentials. The jacket is entirely unlined and unstructured, so it breathes beautifully. And thanks to Canali’s masterful cut and craftsmanship, it fits as well as something weighed down by padding and lining and all that other stuff. It goes with everything, and it’ll take you everywhere—even if you have to fly commercial to get there. Canali Blazer in Navy Blue Cotton

Canali Blazer in Navy Blue Cotton

Originally published on Esquire US

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