Louis Vuitton Appoints Pusha T As New House Ambassador

After over 20 years, Pusha T and Pharrell are still Grindin'
Published: 9 July 2024

One of the coldest rappers in the game, Terrence LeVarr Thornton, aka Pusha T, has just been named as the new House Ambassador for Louis Vuitton. Pusha T is no stranger to high end fashion, having sported some of the coolest, most original fits over his long career, whether on stage, in music videos, or caught by the paparazzi, so it makes sense that LV’s creative director, Pharrell Williams, would appoint his old buddy and longtime musical collaborator as the new face of the iconic fashion house.

With their latest collection at Paris Fashion Week clearly inspired by The Wild West, it will be interesting to see what Pusha T ‘s own fashion aspirations bring to the table.

Pusha T’s new role highlights Louis Vuitton’s vision of fusing fashion with other stratospheric creative industries, bringing powerful storytelling to the realm of menswear. And if you needed a reminder of how well Pharrell and Pusha work together, refresh your memory with their 2002 classic below.

Originally published on Esquire ME

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