Hermès Taps into the Post-Rain for its H24 Herbes Vives

Inspired by nature, the H24 Herbes Vives cuts through the competition
Published: 16 February 2024

Remember as a kid, jumping into puddles during the rain? Is the smell of a passing shower etched into your hippocampus? That seems to be the draw for Christine Nagel, director of creation and olfactory heritage for Hermès Parfums. Her latest olfactory concoction—H24 Herbes Vives—is all about the emotive qualities associated with the rain.

“I was inspired by the happy smell of nature after the rain, an aroma at once vegetal and earthy, fresh and musky," Nagel say, "That unique moment when nature and the city, still drenched with water, release new scents and take on new colours.”

After the cloudburst, the wet earth and damp vegetation... these are evocations that you can find with H24 Herbes Vives. A heady bouquet of fresh herbs, pear granita, and Physcool.

According to our Style Director, it's the addition of sclarene, a metallic element, that cuts through the woody and musk-heaviness that present fragrances are known for. It stands out.

And its all contain in this seemingly simple falcon; a simpleness that belies a very difficult manufacturing process. The lines of the bottle fashioned from light. Light passes through the glass, diffused by foliage after rain. Designer Philippe Mouquet paints the bottle with an even brighter and more intense vegetal hue; the box is given in a green-tinted grey like vegetation after a rain.

Hermés H24 Herbes Vives is out now

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