HAVE A CUPPA FOR NATIONAL COFFEE DAY (written while on coffee)

Embrace National Coffee Day with a tour of Singapore's diverse coffee scene
Published: 24 May 2024

Everybody is making a quick buck whenever a holiday rolls around. But to create a holiday from scratch? *slow clap* That's capitalism at its finest. #allhailthealmightydollar Today is National Coffee Day, so in a bid to keep people caffeinated, have Mormons clutch their pearls and contribute to the economy, we curated a list of coffee-centric treats, ranging from traditional kopi to coffee-infused cocktails. So, for all the coffee aficionados out there, why not venture out and savour a delightful cup of coffee?

The 1950s Coffee

We start with the classic kopi. Everybody loves it and The 1950s Coffee serves arguably one of the best kopi in Singapore. Awarded with a Michelin star, this place has been doling out kopi since the 1950s. Their kopi stands out for its full bodied, velvety smooth texture without being overly diluted. However, the star attraction is their signature Kopi Tarik. A queue for this stall is a common sight and their toasts usually sell out by noon. A hit among many locals, The 1950s Coffee definitely serves a mean cup of traditional kopi.

Chye Seng Huat Hardware

Located in an old shophouse, the place is reminiscent of old school provision shops. Chye Seng Huat Hardware has a cafe below and a coffee school and retail space on the second floor. Owned by the folks at PPP Coffee, the cafe specialises in cold brews, which is great for living on the equator. Using specialty-grade single origin beans, their black cup of joe is brewed from PPP Coffee’s Ethiopia Suke Quto, boasting floral scents with notes of peach, earl grey tea and citrus.

There Was No Coffee

Hailing from Shenzhen, There Was No Coffee opened with the premise of providing a healthier alternative to the high sugar content found in coffee elsewhere. Ditching syrups and sugar, the cafe solely relies on fruits to provide sweetness to their drinks. Our durian obsessed nation might be intrigued by their signature Durian Latte, where latte is poured over durian puree. Other flavours include the Avocado Latte, Persimmon Latte, and the Watermelon Latte—all made with real fruits. It's an unusual menu but it works.

Bearded Bella

Other than the regular selection of coffees, Bearded Bella serves signature coffee concoctions that aren't commonly found elsewhere. Take the Coffee Slushies that are blended with espresso, syrup and milk tea; anything with ice and caffeine just rings true for our weather. Try the Citrus Coffee Spritz. It's a refreshing blend of Bearded Bella’s Seasonal House Blend, orange juice, soda water and honey.

King’s Cart Coffee

If you are an avid coffee drinker, you have definitely heard of King’s Cart Coffee. Situated at Joo Chiat, King’s Cart Coffee puts their own spin on local dishes and ingredients. Presenting their Singapore Signature Menu: mostly coffee-centric dishes that includes their “Sng Buey”, the perfect thirst quencher that consists of a mix of espresso and the sweet and tangy homemade sour plum. For desserts, there is the ‘Ah Bo Ling’, glutinous black sesame balls served with a shot of espresso, creating a flawless blend of bitterness and sweetness that tantalises the taste buds!

Prefer Coffee

Looking for an environmentally friendly option to coffee? Look no further for Prefer produces their coffee by upcycling food manufacturing by-products sourced from local companies. This includes day-old bread from Gardenia, soy bean pulp from Mr Bean, and spent barley grains from local breweries such as The 1925 Brewing Co. While Prefer’s grounds are caffeine-free, the upside is the ability to add caffeine derived from tea and adjust levels as preferred. Prefer’s coffee can be ground fine for espresso, or medium coarse for drip brewing. The extraction process is as per normal, taking the same amount of time when brewed using a coffee machine. Baristas and coffee drinkers can also appreciate the crema that allows for latte art.


At Republic, indulge in the Kim Sisters cocktail, a luxurious interpretation of the classic Irish Coffee. The South Korean singing group used to be offered whiskey, chocolate and coffee as tokens of appreciation after performances, which inspired the ingredients in this cocktail. This refined concoction harmonises creamy caffeine, rich chocolate, and subtle nuttiness. Each sip offers a medley of flavours, an experience that coffee lovers will relish.

Punch Room

A welcome punch served exclusively during the Punch Room Afternoon Tea Ritual, The Coffee Punch is made with cold-brewed Tanamera coffee, renowned for its smooth finish and mild acidity. It is mixed with spiced rum, demerara sugar, and coconut water for a touch of tropical freshness and sweetness. This refreshing yet invigorating punch adds an exotic twist to the traditional afternoon tea experience.


Paying homage to the bustling city of Chicago, Manhattan serves up a mean Razzle Dazzle Cocktail, but with a twist. A digestif-style concoction, it is a mix of bitter melon and hibiscus-infused Pierre Ferrand 1840 cognac, black sesame-infused Mancino Chinato vermouth, and Luxardo Espresso liqueur. The citrusy notes of the cognac complements the bitterness of the coffee surprisingly well. Ending off with a touch of elegance, the cocktail is delicately spritzed with gold dust tableside.

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