Gem Dior: Victoire de Castellane and Her Chaos Rings

Conceptualised by Dior Joaillerie artistic director Victoire de Castellane, the new Gem Dior creations expand the series with everyday pieces for both men and women
Published: 18 April 2024

The legendary couturier Christian Dior adopted a structured creative process when designing a collection. He would pin fabric swatches onto his design notes. These swatches were often arranged in a row, accompanying an illustration of the ensemble it is intended for. While they were typically cut into rectangles, the size of each swatch varied—the natural result of a human’s touch. Dior Joaillerie’s artistic director Victoire de Castellane interpreted this uneven arrangement as mineral strata, compressing links of multiple facets into a stunning piece of jewellery for Gem Dior.

The original Gem Dior collection was a literal interpretation of both couture and nature as de Castellane opted to inlay different gemstones onto gold links to create colourful combinations reminiscent of the miscellany of fabric swatches used by Monsieur Dior. In 2023, the artistic director took a 180-degree turn and offered a minimalist series with slabs of gold, with and without diamonds, immediately making the Gem Dior collection more gender-neutral than before.


The latest expansion to Gem Dior can then be considered as a combination of the original and the 2023 versions. Retaining the essence of the original, the latest Gem Dior pieces consist of yellow, white and pink gold foundations that are then decorated with either a uniformed string of diamonds or a beautiful gradient of diamonds, tsavorite garnets and sapphires in one single piece. The latter echoes the original’s combination of different gemstones while refining the approach.

The new collection is available as bracelet, ring or earring, all individually sold for contemporary styling. We love that there is no wrong way to wear any of the pieces. You can sport a Gem Dior ring as the sole piece of jewellery for a subtle statement. Or you can add a bracelet or two to your existing wrist stack. You can even pair two different earrings together as an assertion of individual style. The relative refinement in the latest Gem Dior collection calls for a celebration of one’s natural leanings. How you feel like wearing one is exactly how it’s intended to be worn.

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