Father's Month at Pullman Singapore Orchard

During the month of June, Pullman Orchard is giving fathers a 28-hour experience of drinks, rest and food. Yes, even with the family in tow
Published: 11 June 2024

Look, I work hard and I provide for the family; I do right by them but has anyone done right by me? It feels narcissistic to write this. I'm not the sort to make a hullabaloo about my birthday, let alone, Father's Day. But times are changing. Credit needs to be given to where credit's due. As a father, I suppose, it's okay to indulge a little.

So, colour me surprise when Pullman Singapore Orchard has a promo for the dads. After the hotel's "Pull-Mum" Singapore Orchard Getaway, Pullman Singapore Orchard decided to be an equal opportunity rewarder and do something for the daddies (I'm assuming the getaway applies to the "baby" and "sugar" variety). This Super Dad Father’s Day Getaway is a 28-hour experience that involves a stay, food, swimming and cocktails.

The Deluxe Premier King. Now imagine it with your kids running about.

Every Super Dad Father’s Day Getaway lets you check in at 10am. That's right: 10 in the morning. And you can also have a late checkout at two in the afternoon. And the room that you check into is a Deluxe Premier Room—a 32 sqm space that has a king-sized bed and a smart en-suite bathroom with a bathtub and shower (our room faces Orchard Road; Mandarin Gallery, specifically). Step into the room and you’re greeted with a selection of macaroons and chilled, locally-brewed Trouble Brewing beers.

And Now We Feast

With SGD50, you can spend it at Eden Restaurant, PSO Beach Club or Atelier Lounge. If you're feeling peckish, head to Eden Restaurant that's fashioned to look like a glasshouse. With light streaming through louvres, it bathes the place in a natural and appealing hue. Currently, there's a special on lobster dishes. We had a Boston lobster that's cooked in a Shaoxing wine and comes with lala and mussels. Of course, you have a side of sourdough bread for the sopping up of the sauce. There's also a complimentary glass of Guinness or red wine.

The Atelier Lounge, where you can drink away your worries... with sophistication.

You can relax at the pool at PSO Beach Club. Or, if you're like me, you can partake in the two-hour cocktail master class at Atelier Lounge. Situated next to PSO Beach Club, the bar is tended by Presh, showed us the finer points of drink mixing. She walked us through how to whip up a few specialty cocktails like the Eden's Affair (The Botanist gin; rinquinquin; lemon juice; basil leaves and Sprite) and a PSO Fig Sling (The Botanist Gin; Cointreau; Capano Antica Formula; pineapple juice; lime juice; orange bitters; a fig). There's nothing like shaking up the drink and sipping on your handiwork (and free-flow bubbles, cocktails, wines and mocktails) while watching a stately swan floatie gracefully glide across the window.

We haven't got to the best part yet.



In the morning, instead of dragging your feet down to the restaurant fro breakfast, you can opt for BREAKFAST IN BED. That's right. For the Super Dad Father’s Day Getaway, you can choose from a several breakfast items and have them delivered to your room. Sure, there's that risk of the child, accidentally spilling juice all over the duvet but BREAKFAST IN BED. It seems odd that we are easily excited about this but BREAKFAST IN BED is such a Westernise concept that we romanticised in our head to the power of seven that we couldn't pass up on.

If you want to upgrade the Super Dad Father’s Day Getaway package, you can get a car transfer at SGD85 per trip or add SGD70 for access to the Archive Club, which is kinda-like an executive lounge, where you get to nosh on specialised all-day offerings and free-flowing Maxime Blin Champagne. At 5pm, Archive Club will dole out a selection of 12 wines that you can choose.

The Super Dad Father’s Day Getaway at Pullman Singapore Orchard runs until 30 June, 2024.

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