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Ready to restart worthy practices and indulge in some (year long) summer loving
Published: 26 June 2023
Santos de Cartier 35.1mm steel on alligator strap, Cartier.
Photo by Jaya Khidir

1. Santos de Cartier 35.1mm steel on alligator strap, Cartier

Try as one might to dispute the relevance of a watch against a cohort of modern devices, one cannot deny that being in control of our time is an infinitely desirable proposition. A watch, a distinguishingly handsome one in this case, will always remain a venerated tool for keeping track of those precious seconds constantly passing us by. Indeed, take time to savour every exquisite moment. 

Photo by Jaya Khidir

2. Blue shells and recycled cord necklace, Dior Men

There were two ways to look at men sporting surfer-themed jewellery under their suits: trying too hard (pale skin tells no tales), or one who truly loves the waves and sands, with the livery to show for it. In a second collaboration with environmental organisation Parley for the Oceans, this necklace from Dior Men’s fall 2023 collection dispels all doubts about a man's love for the ocean. 

Photo by Jaya Khidir

3. Noblige & coffee, Martell

The serendipitous mingling of cognac and coffee is a Coffee Meets Bagel of sorts, dating back to 17th century European coffeehouses that served coffee and spirits. Martell Noblige has 100 blended eaux-de-vie, giving it a better body and longer finish with subtle notes of oak and caramelised grapes that shine through the bitterness of coffee. Meaningful connections over a delicious tipple, anyone? 

Photo by Jaya Khidir

4. Poisson Notte beach towel, Hermès

Boasting 100% cotton terrycloth, woven in Germany, printed in France, and by Hermès, this luxurious towel is the ultimate beach accessory when you go basking under the Tuscan sun. The fish design by Tong Ren is an invitation to escape and travel, as the simple sea animal represents freedom and joy. Alternatively, let its exuberant colours extend over the sofa and enjoy its beauty and comfort on home movie night.

Photo by Jaya Khidir

5. Zeppelin speaker, Bowers & Wilkins

“Alexa, recommend the best way to spend summer,” is something you will be able to ask this contemporarily designed, high-resolution stereo speaker. Another cool built-in feature is Spotify Connect, which lets you play all the music and podcasts you love. This summer, upgrade from speaking to a box or an iPhone, to a pod from the future.

Photo by Jaya Khidir

6. Shampoo for moisture and control, Oribe via Net-A-Porter

While most men prefer a fuss-free crop, believing that hair should require close to no maintenance, they couldn't be more wrong. Just ask the bald ones who know too well about hair loss (it is more than just genetics). Formulated with a unique blend of strengthening amino acids, it protects and extends the life cycle of your scalp and follicles.

Photo by Jaya Khidir

7. Hope in a Jar smooth-glow multi-tasking moisturiser, Dose of Wisdom bouncy skin reactivating serum & Purity Made Simple one-step facial cleanser, Philosophy

This skincare trilogy is for men who are looking to put a stop to the incessant queries after their well- being with rhetorical references to their tired-looking skin. All of them contain hyaluronic acid, which penetrates skin faster and deeper to give instant supercharged hydration and boost radiance. See significant results in two weeks.

Photo by Jaya Khidir

8. Soleil de Feu eau de parfum, Tom Ford

“An amber fragrance that is inspired by the bronze strokes of fiery sunset light,” reads the press release, but instead of having a scent paint an ideal image for your summer vacation, why not just wear Soleil de Feu on your next holiday. Make new olfactory memories with priceless new experiences. The lovely warm notes will burn a better picture in your brain than a stock image. 

Photo by Jaya Khidir

9. Keepall Bandoulière 35, Louis Vuitton

Here’s a trusty companion for your next summer vacation. Smaller than a typical overnight bag but roomier than the contemporary man purse at 35cm across, it’s virtually an all-occasion bag. Accompanied wtih a practical, adjustable textile strap for shoulder and cross-body wear, and a unique water-resistent Monogram Aquagarden coated canvas, it essentially comes unencumbered for the seasoned traveller's needs.

Photo by Jaya Khidir

10. Pagan Rose scented candle, Alexander McQueen

Part of the brand’s first foray into home fragrances, Pagan Rose is one of three scents inspired by McQueen’s codes of juxtaposition. Nestled on the tension between fragile wild rose and earthy peat, and encased in egg-shaped lacquered flask with an asymmetrical metal lid, it’s a contrasting amalgamation on a quest to dispel chaotic energy.

Photography: Jaya Khidir
Styling: Michelle Kok
Photography Assistant: Natalie Dykes

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