Envy Returns to Singapore After Over a Decade

Japanese post-hardcore band Envy live in Singapore for one night only
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Published: 4 December 2023

If you know Envy, you probably know Envy. The Japanese band with more than 30 years of post-hardcore legacy revisits us this week. Coming off a successful European tour spanning nine countries and 16 shows, as well as their recent stint at Maho Rasop in Thailand and the release of their 10-inch EP Seimei last year, they will be showcasing an impressive catalogue in one night.

For those that don't know Envy, that's seven albums, six EPs and more seamlessly blending aggressive and melodic elements. We could talk about how the signature music profile is characterised by intense dynamics of hardcore punk and atmospheric soundscape but better to experience it for yourself. Especially if the genre sounds like your thing.

The six-strong powerhouse comprise original members Manabu Nakagawa on bass, Nobukata Kawai on guitar, and lead vocalist/keyboardist Tetsuya Fukagawa, and the fitting subsequent additions of y0shi and Yoshimitsu Taki on guitars, and Hiroki Watanabe on drums.


The upcoming performance marks a momentous occasion since the last live show was 2012 at the Substation. Other festivals Envy has graced include HELLFEST (FR), FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL (JP) and the very recent MAHO RASOP (TH).

Top Recommended Records To Check Out

  1. Formation and Early Years (1992-1996): The band's early years were marked by a DIY ethos, and self-released first EP "Breathing and Dying in this Place" in 1996.
  2. A Dead Sinking Story (2003): Often considered a landmark in Envy's discography, "A Dead Sinking Story" received critical acclaim for its emotional sound.
  3. Insomniac Doze (2006): Another well-received album, this showed Envy's ability to blend intense, chaotic moments with beautiful, atmospheric passages.
  4. Recitation (2010): Besides continuing Envy's exploration of post-rock and post-metal influences, the album demonstrated their musical evolution and experimentation.
  5. Collaboration with Tetsuya Fukagawa (2016): Envy faced a significant change when vocalist Tetsuya Fukagawa left the band in 2016. However, his departure was amicable, and the remaining members continued to make music with guest vocalists. (Fukagawa’s retirement was short lived as he returned to the band in 2018.)

Envy Live In Singapore

Date: Wednesday, 6 December 2023
Time: 8pm till 10pm, doors open at 7.30pm
Venue: SCAPE The Ground Theatre, Singapore 239978

Purchase tickets on Eventbrite

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