Do We Have The Ultimate Defender?

The new Defender OCTA is made to be the greatest model in JLR's specialised fleet thus far.
Published: 8 April 2024

Let me preface this with the disclaimer that I'm no motoring editor. My knowledge of automobiles span some hype EVs and that one time I test-drove a couple of Land Rovers in Seoul. I am, however, a fan of the Defender. With its boxy aesthetic yet smooth curves, the iconic silhouette is one any would recognise even if not a car expert. So there's understandably a level of excitement when the British brand announced a new one to be launched this year.

Defender. LAND ROVER

Defender OCTA

Slated to be "the toughest, most capable, and luxurious model in the line-up", the all-terrain luxury SUV will feature V8 Twin Turbo mild-hybrid petrol power. But what's a first for Defender is the 6D Dynamics air suspension.

The hydraulic interlinked technology essentially works on a pitch and roll control system. This enables the vehicle to maintain near-level stance whether during acceleration, braking and cornering on-road, while maximising independent wheel travel on demanding off-road surfaces.

Defender OCTA teaser. LAND ROVER

And if you're wondering about the name, it's taken from a diamond's octahedron shape; you know, diamonds being Earth's hardest, naturally occurring substance. This goes into a new encircled diamond visual designed for this flagship model, featured as a gloss black diamond within a machined and sandblasted titanium disc on each Signature Graphic panel.

But until we see the championing version, this high-performance rover is currently traversing the most exhaustive development regime in Defender history—across Sweden snow and Dubai desert, Nürburgring tarmac and Moab rock crawls.

Find more information on the Defender OCTA release here.

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