Daniel Craig Just Inspired Our Favourite Meme of the Year

The actor recently flashed a Benoit Blanc-esque look that's making the Internet rounds
Published: 30 November 2023

Daniel Craig has played a spy, a detective, and even a stormtrooper, but a surprising new role has been making the rounds on the Internet: himself. While showcasing his impressive watch collection to Esquire's Nick Sullivan, the No Time to Die actor donned an especially stately outfit, sporting thin glasses and a neat haircut. Naturally, Craig's appearance—where he looks like a James Bond who's better known for selling Swiss bonds than possessing a licence to kill—quickly sparked some memes from his fans.

"Daniel Craig looks like he’s about to tell your Nan her ceramics are worthless on Antiques Roadshow," one X user joked, with many more comparing him to various diplomats, bankers, and EU policymakers. Craig's career as the famous British spy may be finished, but he can pull off the look of a European bureaucrat, should he desire a career shift. "Bro is absolutely calling for meaningful discussions with all affected stakeholders," another user commented.

The new look will have Craig ready to reprise Benoit Blanc in Knives Out 3, which will hopefully feature an even more exaggerated Southern Creole accent to match his getup. The actor is also set to appear in an upcoming Luca Guadagnino film based on Queer, the William S. Burroughs novel about an American expat who becomes infatuated with a younger man. For now, Craig will just look as if he's reshuffling my finances, selling me an antique rug, and/or designing a new kind of passport safety measure. It's called range, people!

Check out some of our favourite spins on the meme below.

Originally published on Esquire US

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