Watch a Dragon Dance On Clarks' Wallabee Shoes

Local artist, tobyato, collabs with Clarks for the inaugural Wallabee Day for a new customised Wallabee that needs to be seen to believe
Published: 27 April 2024

These days, shoe brands are trying to create their own holidays. I mean, what's more ubiquitous than Google Alert bringing your attention to a commercialised holiday? There's Nike with its Air Max Day; New Balance with Grey Day; and now Clarks launched its inaugural Wallabee Day. This occasion with occur every 26 April. Why this particular date? Welp, according to one source, on 26 April 1971, the JFK Airport customs were in a tizzy in procuring cages to house 4,176 wallabies that were coming in. They were actually 4,176 pairs of Wallabees, not the macropods, from Clarks.

To commemorate the moccasin-inspired shoe that took years off from some poor custom agent at JFK, Clarks teamed with local artist and constant smiler, tobyato for 30 unique pairs of Wallabee shoes. But they aren't your ordinary Wallbee in a different colourway. Nay, tobyato up the ante by creating a design that's inspired by the Chinese dragon dance.

The custom uses the iconic Clarks silhouette as a background for tobyato's artistic vision. Each shoe features a single laser-engraved frame from a swirling dragon dance animation (see above). Think of the 30 pairs as 30 frames that, when displayed together, show a mesmerising looping animation. This is an innovative approach to footwear design but also, must be a real bitch if you wanna locate all the buyers of Clarks x tobyato Wallabees for a reunion.

Aside from the animation, there are other nuances to the shoes like the custom acrylic and wooden charms that hang off the rope laces. Again, these are limited to just 30 pairs and it's bound to be a collectable item (who knows, by the time you read this, it'll all be snapped up).

The Wallabee Dragon Dance edition is exclusively available at Chamber, online and at Clarks ION.

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