Victor Sanz and the Human Touch

13 May 2024
Asri Jasman caught up with Victor Sanz a day before the global event that marked TUMI’s entry into a women-centric category, via the officiating of…

Sora Bar Shows Us How It's Done

8 May 2024
The new cocktail menu at Sora Bar, Rosewood Phnom Penh gets it right

RIMOWA Celebrates Summertime Freshness with Mint and Papaya

2 May 2024
After making its debut in Seoul last month, RIMOWA's latest colours—Mint and Papaya—are now available worldwide

Singapore Presents "The Dream Sphere" at World Expo Osaka 2025

22 April 2024
Singapore brings dreams to life with announcement of the Pavilion's final design at World Expo Osaka 2025

BOSS and Samsonite Prove That Style and Function Can Coexist

9 April 2024
The limited edition BOSS | Samsonite luggage capsule collection is what you'd need to add some sophisticated flair to your travels

Stefano Ricci Elevates the Travel Theme

4 April 2024
A new age of travel has taken to the runways. Instead of the plush carpet, it is the Mongolian steppes and the sandy shores of…

Eco Efforts at Samsonite, Suntec City

15 March 2024
Samsonite redefines the future of travel accessories with store constructed from recycled materials and eco-friendly designs

Barry Keoghan and Jay Chou are the Latest Brand Ambassadors

13 March 2024
It's not every day that two very different brands announce the appointments of new brand ambassadors on the very same day

The Weird and Wonderful World of Urban Camping

23 February 2024
The editor-in-chief at Modded, Oscar Collins, explores the fields of camping in the city

Son Heung-Min Introduces the Latest Frontier of TUMI's 19 Degree Aluminum Series

20 February 2024
The newest additions to TUMI's 19 Degree Aluminium series are nothing short of "Essentially Beautiful"

The Best Thing is Quitting the Office to Travel the World

12 February 2024
James Wong, writer-at-large, on his origins in escaping the rat race.

Partying at Desa Potato Head as the World Burns

10 February 2024
A vacation is meant to help you relax. But how can you enjoy yourself when it feels like the end times? Desa Potato Head might…