SHOWDOWN: iPhone 15 vs iPhone 15 Pro

19 February 2024
Titanium vs pastels…

Oppo Gives Us the Reno11 Series

17 February 2024
Oppo reveals a blueprint for what could be its best year ever

At This Point, Do We Really Need an Apple Car?

31 January 2024
With the delayed launch, one can only wonder what's next for Project Titan—and if the car even merits a space in an already crowded EV…

Big Tech Trends to Watch in 2024

15 January 2024
Rumours, releases, and the rest—this year is shaping up to be a big one.

The Celine Collaboration You Never Knew You Needed

4 January 2024
The coming together of two contemporary giants in their respective fields, sounds pretty sweet to us

Launching a Locally-Made Rocket Outside Singapore

29 December 2023
Space travel has been a pipe dream for Singaporeans. But when a group of local university students decided to launch their very own rocket, it’ll…

The Dark Truth of the Best Year in Video Game History

24 December 2023
2023 heralded a new frontier for the medium. But thousands of game workers were laid off, while many of their still-employed colleagues say they’re suffering…

Be Among the First to Own a Fully Electric Range Rover

19 December 2023
After prototype testing phase that is

Bulgari's Impressive Virtual GT Hypercar (and Watch)

15 December 2023
To drive the car, you'll need to buy the watch

New Grand Theft Auto Trailer Drops

5 December 2023
The first signs of Grand Theft Auto 6 reveals itself in a trailer

People are Missing the Point of the Tesla Cybertruck

5 December 2023
Tesla Cybertruck unpopular opinion: The electric pickup's ultimate purpose has nothing to do with performance, or even driving

The Story Behind the Aston Martin DB12

30 November 2023
The early cars in the DB line set the standard for the modern Aston Martin brand
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