10-Word Film Review: The Flash

28 June 2023
We watch 'em and we review 'em. Here are our two-cents on The Flash.

Esquire 10: The Restart Edit

26 June 2023
Ready to restart worthy practices and indulge in some (year long) summer loving

Netflix Tudum 2023: What was Announced

19 June 2023
Previews from Squid Game 2, a live-action One Piece... we parse through what Netflix announced

Celebrate Heineken's 150th Anniversary with The Salvages Collab

13 June 2023
The beer brand looks to its past with The Salvages' signature reconstruction

Introducing the Bruschetta Method

12 June 2023
Does mispronouncing food names make you an asshole? Or is it mispronouncing them with a mouth full of food? (It's the latter but that's another…

Tom Holland Opened Up About Why He's Taking a Break from Acting

11 June 2023
Even actors get burn out; Tom Holland takes a break after filming The Crowded Room

The Best Bomboloni Bakery Reopens in Amoy

8 June 2023
The Fat Kid Bakery set up shop in a new centralised location.

The Trailer to Apple's The Afterparty 2 Drops

7 June 2023
Ready for another whodunnit? The second season of The Afterparty returns to Apple TV+ on 12 July. Check out the trailer of the season.

Apple WWDC 2023: What Was Announced

6 June 2023
A VR set, updated iOS, a laptop upgrade... we parse through what the tech giant had to unveil.

10-Word Film Review: Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse

5 June 2023
We watch 'em and we review 'em. Here are our two-cents on Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse.

Our Favorite Hotels of All Time

29 May 2023
Enjoy your stay