What's It Like To Sauna From Home

22 July 2024
In the age of convenience, Hydragun brings the hot spa to you.

I Am a Wellness Asshole Now

6 June 2024
The only thing more excruciating than soaking in a tub of freezing-cold water is telling people it actually works

Wellness Escapes at The Singapore EDITION

5 June 2024
Finding serenity amidst urban life's chaos can be daunting, yet the solution may be closer than you think

My Neck, My Back...

20 May 2024
And all the other things that require some tender loving cracking, can be done right at the heart of Orchard Road where COMO Shambhala’s new…

I’m Healthier Since I Cancelled My Gym Membership

9 May 2024
James Wong, travel writer, on how going to the gym was not necessarily making him healthier

adidas Supernova Solution Puts a Cloud in the Run

5 May 2024
Painful runs? The Supernova Solution might be the answer to your tired dogs

HOKA Unveils the Next Wave of Urban Mobility

4 April 2024
Along with a pop-up, running giant, HOKA presents the Kawana 2

Therapy Musings: We Don't Talk Enough About Andropause

15 January 2024
Bernice Lim, Founder and Principal Psychologist of Asia Psychology Centre talks about andropause

Sleep: Are You Doing It Right?

22 October 2023
Dispelling the common myths behind your approach to sleep, and some recommendations on how to achieve that sweet forty winks.

Seriously Though, Do Alternative Therapies Work?

16 October 2023
Many alternative therapies have yet to be recognised by science, which naturally begs the question: Do they actually work?