Louis Vuitton Opens Le Chocolat Maxime Frédéric Store

26 February 2024
These exquisite chocolates from Louis Vuitton's New Le Chocolat Maxime Frédéric Store are the perfect gifts

You're About to Ace Dry January

9 January 2024
Thanks to these five establishments, you probably won't feel the pinch of abstinence

Spectre Showcases a Therapy-Themed Menu

28 November 2023
A MasterChef finalist and a psychology student come together for a bar that goes into the depths of your mind

TWG Tea is B-B-Back Again This Christmas

28 November 2023
From gifting to feasting, 15 years in the business means TWG Tea has your lazy ass covered this festive season

Draft Land: Cocktails on Tap

12 October 2023
Draft Land brings its ingenious take on cocktails to Singapore, its first Southeast Asian outpost. And they're actually... pretty decent?

N°20 is Nespresso's Rarest Coffee to Date

9 October 2023
Nespresso's latest N°20 is the first edition to join its super-premium range, currently making it the brand's best coffee thus far

Revolver Begins its Bullet 10 Menu

5 July 2023
Another season, another concept menu: Revolver loads Bullet 10 into its chamber.

Restaurants Cooking Up Flavours That's Made to Shock

30 June 2023
New restaurants in Singapore and beyond challenge the taste buds in novel and exciting ways

Introducing the Bruschetta Method

12 June 2023
Does mispronouncing food names make you an asshole? Or is it mispronouncing them with a mouth full of food? (It's the latter but that's another…

The Best Bomboloni Bakery Reopens in Amoy

8 June 2023
The Fat Kid Bakery set up shop in a new centralised location.