Anton Lim

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Man unseen:

Anton Lim

There is the work and there is the author and for many, the two are often intertwine. But for Anton Lim, he'd rather remain silent and let his work speak for himself.

Known by his moniker, Mellowedhigh, the self-taught photographer cut his teeth through trial-and-error photo shoots via YouTube photography tutorials before he came to the public's fore with his collaboration with Hypebeast. Since then, Lim has continued his trajectory with projects both professional (Adidas; Opel; MadeinTYO) and personal.

Sometimes less is more. Like a scent that, though invisible, still lingers after its long gone; Lim prefers the anonymity, preferring that you get to know him through his photos.

IG: @mellowedhigh

Inspired by all forms and shades of white, from snow to marble, Montblanc Legend Spirit is the perfect composition, a fresh, virile and intense fragrance as breath-taking as a resplendent landscape. This fresh woody aromatic fragrance is made with exceptional ingredients.

The sparkling top notes of pink peppercorn, bitter grapefruit and transparent zesty bergamot are immediately unleashed. Its powerfully aromatic heart beats wildly, thanks to intense lavender, hypnotic cardamom and an invigorating aquatic accord.

White woods - sandalwood, cedar and cashmere - sensually blend with oak moss, the unique signature scent of Montblanc Legend, creating enveloping and authentic base notes, softened with a cocktail of white musks.